Save Money With Clean Solar Energy

Solar Power is an excellent investment in your home value.

5.5 Year Investment Payback

Monthly Savings

You’ll start saving on electricity from day one. Guaranteed!

Lock In Rates

Lock in low energy rates for up to 25+ years! – Warranties

Increase Home Value

If your solar system saves you $2,000 per year, your home/business increases in value by $20,000.
References: Forbes | NYTimes

At Brevard Solar, we’re passionate about helping homeowners and businesses use clean solar energy at lower costs than traditional energy sources.

Instead of overpaying your local utility for electricity, start using your roof to generate solar energy and lower your monthly electricity cost.

Best of all, you can lock in low solar power rates for the next twenty years. Get started today for some of the LOWEST prices in solar history.

Get Started

Solar savings are just a
sunrise away.

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Solar Consultation

A Brevard Solar Expert will help you figure out if solar is right for your home. Whether you speak with our consultants on the phone or in person at your home, we’ll help you get the process started.

System Design & Configuration

Each home/business system will have a full set of mechanical and electrical P.E. documents and Florida Solar Energy Center certification.


Our installation team will put the solar panels onto your roof and install the power electronics. Formal quality inspections, including permit escort and utility company commissioning.

Power Up

Your house will be running on the sun! You’re all set to go! Now the only the left is to wait for your next power bill and see your savings.

Harness the energy of the sun to power your entire home!