Solar PV System From Brevard Solar Allows St. Francis Hospice to Focus More Financial Resources on Patient Care

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Since October of last year, Hospice of St. Francis has been generating their own power from the sun and expects to save thousands in utility costs each year.

Through forward thinking initiatives like this one, Hospice of St. Francis is helping to ensure the legacy and foster the mission of the organization now celebrating its 40th year.

Hospice of St. Francis is one of the first facilities in Florida to launch and execute a renewable energy project at this scale.

“Making the change to solar power has already had a profound, positive impact on Hospice of St. Francis, and that impact will continue to grow for many years to come,” said Hospice of St. Francis President and CEO Joseph Killian.

By producing 20 percent of the facility’s energy needs, the solar power system has helped Hospice of St. Francis become energy efficient and more sustainable, allowing the company to focus more financial resources on patient care.

“It all comes down to doing the best we can for our Brevard County residents and their families. We’re the first hospice in Florida to install a solar panel system, and we’re hoping others will follow suit,” said Killian.

The 250-kilowatt system of 962 sun-concerting solar panels were mounted on the roof and ground of the facility by Brevard Solar.

The system is expected to help Hospice of St. Francis save over $30,000 annually and approximately $1,120,000 in 25 years.

Hospice of St. Francis is always looking toward creating value and containing costs, the investment in renewable energy is just one example of the importance they place on fiscal and social responsibility.